The Spit Fire

Although the Spit fire is an iconic symbol in WWII of air superiority. It is more known today for  plane racing because of it’s extreme manuvability and the speed at which it travels.  During the racing the Spit fire is put through all kinds of obstacles.  From flying over make believe bridges to flying under steel fencing that is installed by our friends at

The real name of the spit fire is the “Submarine Spitfire”.  The plane is a single seat and was designed for short range high intensity fighting.  Although the name appears to point to a submarine killer the bulk of the Spit Fires work was to battle the German Luftwaffe.

What made the Spit fire so effective was the shape and thinness of the well known wing.  Because of the thin wing the spit fire was faster and easier to handle than there counterparts.  Hence making a great inceptor of the larger German Luftwaffe.  The spits fires we equipped with four guns.  There was a problem with the guns.  They worked fine at low altitudes, but at high altitudes the guns would freeze up.  Eventually the guns were equipped with a red heavy cloth to prevent the cold air and dirt from jamming the gun.  Another problem with the gun they found is that it wasn’t large enough to take down large planes.  In fact it took and average of 4200 bullets to bring down a large bomber.